PBR-Swilling Metal Band Red Fang Has Really Good Wine Now

January 2, 2018

Portland’s Alpine-style Teutonic Wines enlisted our city’s premier stoner-metal band to make bloody-fanged Red Fang Red.

By Matthew Korfhage, Willamette Week (published Dec. 19, 2017)  Photo: James Rexroad

The Fang is Portland’s piss-swilling stoner-metal-gods— power-cord peddlers whoes first music video in 2009 showed them showed them beating up LARPers in the park while wearing armor made of Tacate cans. In another, they escape in a PBR truck from a horde of beer-chugging zombies. When PBR needed a soundtrack for their official pinball machine, Red Fang was the band they asked.

But like Slayer before them— whose Reign in Blood wine is apparently really big in South America— Red Fang in getting in on the grape game.

Next month, Portland urban winery Teutonic Wine Company will release 65 cases of Red Fang Red ($25), a fruity acidic blend of Pinot Noir, skin-contact Gewurztraminer and Tannat, a big-bodied grape winery co-owner Olga Tuttle declared the most metal of grapes. Click here to read entire article.