12:00 pm


9:00 pm

Saturday, June 17

Early Bird Texas-style BBQ

Teutonic Wine Co

3303 SE 20th Ave. Portland, OR 97202

Ever have REAL Texas BBQ? No? Here’s your chance. E.J. Dove has been perfecting this style of BBQ for years. His menu is limited because he only wants to make the perfect BBQ dish. Join us Saturday June 17th for the real deal. For $12/serving, you have a choice of:

 ♥ Brisket platter w/green papaya slaw, pickled red onions & green onion flatbread

♥ Two brisket tacos (sliced brisket, green papaya slaw, pickled red onions on green onion flatbread) These TACOS ARE YUGE!

♥ You can also buy sliced brisket by the pound for $20/lb

♥  $5 sampler  ♥

♥ No RSVP – Just show up before the brisket runs out! ♥