7:30 pm


10:00 pm

Friday, August 09

Wyck’s Organ Trio

Teutonic Wine Company

3303 SE 20th Ave., Portland, OR 97202

Teutonic Wine Company and the Alan Jones Academy of Music present


featuring Wyck’s Organ Trio

Wyck Malloy is a tenor saxophonist that grew up in the North Portland area. He has just finished music school at Portland State University and has studied with musicians around the area including Alan Jones, George Colligan, John Nastos and Lars Campbell. He has also performed and recorded with the band called Painted Mantis. Now Wyck aims to take on the Portland jazz scene playing the music he likes all in the pursuit of telling a good story.

This time Wyck is bringing back the Organ trio he performed with a year ago. This group features two of his closest friends, Kiran Adarkar on Organ and Andres Moreno on drums. All three of them share an affinity for music that swings, has great bass lines, and good storytelling. Come have a good time watching them have a good time!