2:00 pm


6:00 pm

Saturday, December 02

Wine & Music Guest Winemaker Series – Andy Young

Teutonic Wine Company

3303 SE 20th Ave. Portland, OR 97202

We sent Andy to Jackpot Records to go shopping and asked him to pick out some records he wants us to play when he’s our guest winemaker on December. Come and check out his line up of delicious wines as you listen to music he personally selected for this tasting.

A little background on Andy. Andy Young’s music career goes back to the late ’90’s as a drummer for Lift To Experience in Denton Texas. After a few amazing years the band broke up and Andy went on to play with other musicians like Ed Hardcourt, Guy Garvey of Elbow and then in 2009 toured with My Bloody Valentine. But then Andy got the wine bug while still living in Texas. He heard about a guy with a vineyard who was giving away grapes for free to students. So he jumped in his car with a bunch of ten gallon crates  and drove for ten hours to get the fruit. His fermentation vessels where made from food-grade plastic bins used for storing tomatoes which he cut down to size with a chainsaw. This effort resulted in a few cases of wine and Andy loved every minute of the process. He was sold, he had to continue making wine.

Today, Andy produces more than a thousand cases here in Oregon. His wines are delicious and here’s your chance to meet Andy, taste his wines (Marginy Carbonic Gris and two single-vineyard Pinot Noirs) while listening to his top five records. See what makes him tick!  This event is free.