Chef Alyssa Gregg

Chef Alyssa Gregg is a native Oregonian who enjoys cooking with local and seasonal ingredients.  She loves to get her own ingredients when possible by foraging for mushrooms, crabbing, and fishing and has many close relationships with nearby farmers.  Alyssa has traveled to many countries around the world to experience diverse cultures, cook with various ingredients and learn about unique cooking techniques.  She understands food allergies and sensitivities and can substitute various ingredients to make vegan, gluten and or dairy free meals without compromising taste. Whatever the occasion, Alyssa’s diverse talents can create the perfect menu for your event.


Pulled Pork sliders, avocado & pickled onion

Gravlax, rye toast, Burrata cheese & honey

Chickpea cups, caramelized onion & gruyere

Ham-wrapped melon slices with mint dressing


Vegetable platter:  Broccoli with almond dressing; roasted beets with orange cilantro dressing; pickled carrot jalapeno escabeche; tomatoes & grilled onions with dill cucumber dressing

Cheese platter:  Cremeaux de Bourgogne,  12 month Manchego, Murcia Curado & Fourme d’ambert; honey, dried apricots and almonds

Meat Platter:  Saucisson Sec, Duck Liver Mousse, Pork Rillette, Pate de Campagne; Dijon mustard and pickles


First Course Options

Garlic Almond Bisque

Clam & Pork Belly Chowder

Carrot Ginger Bisque

Roasted Beet, frisée & chèvre salad; orange vinaigrette

Asparagus, ham, hard-boiled egg & spinach salad; mustard vinaigrette


Second Course Options

Pork Pozole, avocado, crema, cilantro & lime; served with cornbread

Duck Confit, garbonzo fritters, feta, pickled onion & mushroom jus

Braised Beef Shoulder, biscuits, caramelized onions, horseradish & radish

Grilled Chicken leg, polenta, puttanesca & parmesan

Belgian Mussels, white wine cream sauce, fennel, red potatoes & grilled bread

Grilled focaccia, asparagus, caramelized onions, gruyere & lemon