The Big Build

January 26, 2016

There has been A LOT going on with Teutonic Wine Company (and we are guilty for not keeping up very well on our blog site). However, now you can peek into the eye of the storm and see what’s going on with our NEW SOON-TO-BE WINERY! We found this great warehouse space in SE Portland back in July, signed the papers in August and then sat and waited for six weeks for the City of Portland to review and approve our plans.


This photo was taken just a few days after they began demolition work. All the walls were knocked out, wire was hanging all over the place and there was a lot of dust. The next big project was to work below the floor to install all the needed floor drains, grease trap (yes, we have to have one even though there will be no deep frying at Teutonic). So more drilling and tearing up.


As you can see the trenches have been dug up.

cement truck

It was freezing cold the day they poured the cement. Poor guys!

three dudes

We have so many details to figure out. Joe Karman (our architect) in the middle and Fotis Laranas (our contractor) have been so great to work with. They are both really knowledgeable and both have built urban wineries before.


These guys were working on Christmas Eve! Sparks were flying…things were getting built!


It’s starting to look like something now. These are the frames for the walls.




New front door

All the tiles from the front of the building starting falling off so we just rolled with it and decided we’ll do something completely different out front.

pink insulation

We love seeing PINK! That means our insulation is going up.

future tasting room

This will be our tasting room.