Wine Crüe

More than just your typical wine club. Our mission is simple: to create wine-fueled cultural disruptions, build unique relationships and act as a fun accelerator and social hub. Grounded in the idea that wine is an visceral experience, we aim to create unique experiences that will delight and challenge the senses.

As a member of our Wine Crüe, you will receive three shipments per year selected by Barnaby & Olga. You get first stab at our limited production and special-release wines, access to exclusive Crüe only wines, invites to pickup parties and that’s just the beginning.

It costs nothing to join and you may cancel anytime after your first two shipments.

If you live outside of the Portland Metro area or you are out of state and need your wines shipped, please read our shipping policy. We are licensed to ship to the following states: Alaska, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Texas, Washington and Washington, D.C.


$1 Off Glass Pours + Wine Flights in our Tavern. Every hour is happy hour when you are part of the Crüe.

%10 Off Bottle Purchases + 15% Off Case Purchases.

Complimentary Glass of Wine on your Birthday. Because you deserve it.

20% Savings on Reorders of Wines in Shipment. Love your shipment? Reorder within 15 days and receive 20% off.

Special Crüe Member Pricing on our Tavern Shindigs.

Quarterly Crüe Pick-Up Series. When you come to pick up your wines, we throw a party. With vinyl. Not quietly.

⦁ Backstage Pass Tours. Get up close and personal with Barnaby on a tasting tour for you and your squad, to include a wine flight (offered once a year, at a mutually agreed time and date).

Convert others into Crüe Members. If you recruit new members into our ranks, receive a $30 wine credit.

Tavern Takeover. How would you like to throw a party with up to ten of your closest friends? Join the Wine Crüe and you’re automatically enrolled in our annual tavern takeover raffle.


The Singles Collection – 4 BOTTLES / THREE TIMES A YEAR

You enjoy crisp, refreshing local wine, but you also enjoy the combination of delicious wine and über-awesome friends. This introductory level features a wallet-friendly & refreshing mix of 4 bottles of our current releases. Approximately $90-$105 per shipment, plus shipping & handling.

Limited Edition Series  6 BOTTLES / THREE TIMES A YEAR

You are a pleasure seeker, social by nature and unique, imaginative, German-inspired wines are your forte. Limited Edition Series is a rotating cast of awesome seasonal explorations, limited production, and exclusive Crüe-only wines. Approximately $150-$180 per shipment, plus shipping & handling.

Ultra High Fidelity – 12 BOTTLES / THREE TIMES A YEAR

You have proven to be a rather thirsty bunch. Ultra High Fidelity Crüe members double down on their shipments to ensure their wine cooler is never empty. You receive all the same perks as our other Crüe members plus additional benefits (see below). Turn it up, raise a fist and get down with this deliciousness! Approximately $300-$360 per shipment, plus shipping & handling.


 Limited Edition T-Shirt.

⦁ Add To Our Vinyl Collection. Pick records that we’ll buy for our winery’s permanent collection. Maximum value, $40.

Invitation to The Acid Graduation Test (Coming Summer 2017). An epic annual cookout/camp-out at our Alsea or Wahlstrom vineyard.



Questions about Wine Crüe Membership? Please contact our Crüe Manager, Rae Ekstrom, at (971) 303-1802 or via email at