New 2015 Spring Releases – The Spinal Tap Series

New spinal tap series

While we take our winemaking very seriously, we like to have fun with our labels!

All these wines are now available for purchase at our tasting room.

2015 Foiled Cucumber, Willamette Valley – $16

2015 Recorded in Doubly, Willamette Valley – $17

2015 Jazz Odyssey, Willmatte Valley – $17

2015 Rosé, Willamette Valley – $21

2015 Sprockets, Willamette Valley – $19

Other white wines

2015 White Wine “Pig & Swords” Wilmette Valley – $26

2015 Rosé, Laurel Vineyard, Chehalem Mountains – $22

Silvaner, David Hill Winery, Willamette Valley – $25


Red Wines

2014 Bergspitze2014 Bergspitze WHOLE CLUSTER2013 Pinot Noir Bellpine

2014 Pinot Noir “Bergspitze” Laurel Vineyard, Chehalem Mountains – $32

2014 Pinot Noir “Bergspitze” Whole Cluster, Laurel Vineyard, Chehalem Mountains – $32

2014 Pinot Noir, Bellpine Vineyards, Willamette Valley – $33

2013 Estate Pinot Noir, Alea Vineyard – $50

Triple Fist Gamay web

New from the Tripod Project, “Triple Fist” 2014 Gamay

Three winemakers and six hands were involved in making this wine. The Tripod project consists of winemakers Barnaby Tuttle, Teutonic Wine Company, Tom Monroe, Division Winemaking Company and Jesse Skiles, Fausse Piste Wines. They decided to split up the fruit three ways and ferment and finish the wines in their own style and blend the three wines together before bottling. Each vintage, one of the winemakers selects a varietal they will work use. Tom selected Gamay for 2014. Available now at our winery- $30


New! Red Blend “Boyar Wedding Feast”

Boyar Wedding Feast

This wine is a blend of 50% Tannat, 30% Cabernet Franc and 20% Malbec. It’s not a “Teutonic wine” in any way, so we created a second label that is only sold through our tasting room. It’s rich juicy, rich and big in flavor, but still no oak to mask the fruit and secondary flavors. We were inspired to make this wine after our visit to the Basque regions of France and Spain. $35/bottle.


This spring we bottled quite a few of our wines into Hock magnum bottles. They are available for purchase at the winery.

Teutonic Wine-137

The following wines are available in magnums: 2015 Rosé, Laurel Vineyard, 2015 Pinot Gris, Maresh Vineyard, 2015 White Wine “Pig & Swords,” 2015 Estate Alsea Blanc, 2015 Silvaner, David Hill Vineyard.