2019 Riesling, Pear Blossom Vineyard

Pear Blossom Vineyard, Columbia Gorge

The Columbia Gorge AVA is getting more attention these days as a notable growing site, both on the Oregon and Washington side. Pear Blossom Vineyard is in Washington, located on Underwood Mountain with an elevation between 1200 and 1300 feet and is on a south facing slope. Pear Blossom vineyard is 18 acres total with 16 of them planted with vines and pear trees, thus the name, Pear Blossom Vineyard. It dry farmed, which is our requirement when purchasing fruit. By not watering the vines, it forces the roots to grow deeper into the earth, pushing through various layers of soil strata and picking up more complex flavors which express themselves through the fruit giving the wines a better expression of place- terroir. Because Underwood Mountain is an extinct volcano, the soil is volcanic with the specific type called Chemawa shotty loam which are tiny-sized pellets mixed with loam that allow for excellent soil penetration and drainage. This wine is fermented with wild yeast collected from the vineyard by making a pied de cuvee yeast starter a couple weeks before the harvest. Then the active yeast from the vineyard is used to kick-start the fermentation. All our wines are fermented and aged in neutral oak barrels. Our process is minimal and fairly hands off. This Riesling nicely showcases our house style of an off-dry wine with ripping high acid, making it balanced and easy to drink and of course making it a perfect pairing with fatty, salty & spicy foods.

12% Alcohol by volume

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